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Egypt Health Passport application

The Egyptian Ministry of Health launched the Atman application to prove the health status, and by activating the Atman application, it will serve as your Egypt Health Passport application, for external and internal mobility.


What is the Atman app?

The Atman application is an application launched by the Egyptian Ministry of Health to facilitate the process of movement and ease of proving the health status of the citizen, whether inside or outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it will be used inside airports and used for travel purposes.


Is the Atman app safe?

Yes, of course, the Atman application has been programmed in a safe manner that takes into account the privacy of its user, and the privacy of phone information, and the Atman application will be used to prove receiving the internationally recognized vaccine in cases of travel, in addition to entering public institutions.

Fees for a Egypt Health Passport

To obtain the health passport, a fee of “100 pounds” must be paid for internal use and “250 pounds” for the purposes o traveling abroad.

تطبيق اطمن علي جوجل بلاي
تطبيق اطمن علي جوجل بلاي

 download link for Egypt Health Passport

To download the Atman “Health Passport” application, all you have to do is click here, to download the application from Google Play, follow the steps in the installation process and enter your information accurately.

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